Most Flattering Pixie Haircuts and Hairstyles You Can Try In 2022


A pixie cut is a short haircut that suits women of different ages, hair types, and facial shapes. Pixies, on the other hand, are the greatest alternative for older ladies. To get the desired disheveled appearance, pixie cuts are chopped into layers. Short pixie hairstyles aren’t exclusively for gamine women. Pixies are also daring fashion statements worn by feminine ladies who want to stand out.

Pixie Haircuts and Hairstyles You Can Try

Pixie Haircuts

The following hairstyles provide a wide variety of alternatives, ranging from curly and adorable to sleek and edgy, providing enough variety to cater to the preferences of each lady:

1) Pixie Cut Icy

Black, smoky hair color may sometimes cast a shadow over your features or make them appear darker, which can be unpleasant, especially for those with tiny faces. This does not imply that you have to forgo the gray trend if you have a really short cut; on the contrary!

You might want to give an ice gray-blue tone a try if you want to quickly brighten your style and add a much-needed touch of sophistication and elegance to it.

2) Shaggy Pixie

Who else is more capable of capturing our attention than our favorite actresses? The transition is here to show that pixies are something that should be tried at least once.

This daring action demonstrates that having short hair does not equate to having limits, even though the majority of looks are mostly all about the medium- to long-length haircuts.

3) Pixie Modern

The contemporary pixie provides women of any age the illusion of being fresh and current. The face is opened up, yet there is still enough length to style it. Grows attractively and is adaptable for all ladies!

4) Wet Look Pixie

To get a glossy look, use a generous amount of pomade (or the product you want to use instead).

5) Ash-Blonde Pixie Undercut

Pixie Haircuts

This disheveled hairstyle is perfect for you if you prefer having your hair seem messy even after you’ve washed and styled it. When you wash and style your hair, the straight and unkempt ashen-blonde locks just “burst” from the top of your head in a fresh and provocative arrangement. The undercuts on the sides and at the nape of the neck give the hairstyle a unique and modern look.

6) Side-Parted Pixie

A side-parted, long pixie haircut wonderfully enhances facial form, giving it a subtle framing touch.

On the other hand, a pixie haircut draws attention to the most attractive features while also concealing some of the less desirable aspects.

7) Platinum Pixie

A platinum pixie cut is an eye-catching appearance that will never become unfashionable. Gives an edge while eliminating the need for style! In addition to that, it is complementary to everyone.

8) Part Blinged

The pixie cut adorned with rhinestones that Florence Pugh sports are fashionable right now. Even though her haircut is more rigid, she adds some bling to it to give it a playful and laid-back vibe.

9) Spike-Cut

Pixie Haircuts

In particular, for a cut that is quite brief, it is a smart idea to incorporate an undercut into a pixie haircut to improve the look that is achieved from the layers. It raises the layers and makes it possible to create disheveled, untidy spikes, both of which are characteristics of a carefree, devil-may-care style of haircut.

10) Undercut Pixie

When we think about punk celebrities, Pink is the very first person who comes to mind, and she is also the one who comes to mind with the most clarity. Her I-don’t-care pixie cut has an undercut and a very high top, which are both great ways to convey her personality. The short sides help the style stay up with the rebel form that she has been going for.

11) Pixie Gray

Pixie Haircuts

The natural gray pixie is an excellent choice for highlighting the gray while yet imparting a sense of elegance to the overall appearance. What a wonderful approach to welcoming elderly women who use glasses! Ideal for a gentle and natural growing out process.

12) Pixie-Ear

The supermodel looks incredible with a sophisticated pixie cut, even though the transitory sleek style she sported at the 2019 Met Gala did not last for very long.

13) Under Shave Gray Hairstyle

Pixie Haircuts

It takes a lady of exceptional self-assurance to combine two opposites in a single look, such as a pixie cut with the sides shaved and gray hair.

The sides and back are shaved down to the skin, and the lengthier, graded layers explode up and around the crown to contrast the under shave and finish this colorful and quirky style. The sides and back are shaved down to the skin.

14) Pixie With Baby Bangs

One day, her hair is jet black and shoulder-length, and the following day, it’s turned in the complete other direction.

This edgy yet feminine pixie cut that mesmerizes with its layers and baby bangs is here to demonstrate that people who take risks and experiment never end up on the losing end.

15) Bowl Cut Pixie

Pixie Haircuts

The traditional bowl cut is updated with a contemporary look by adding the pixie bowl cut. The bowl cut works well with hair textures that range from medium to thick. Ask your hairstylist to texturize your hair so that it has more structure.

Does A Pixie Cut Make You Look Younger?

The art of doing hair is called cosmetology. Everyone, regardless of age, may look stunning when they cut their hair short. When it comes to pixie styles, having a decent molding paste or wax may make all the difference between having the texture and having flat hair.

If you do not use it, your style may fall completely flat on your head or appear to have too much volume. The contemporary bob features a form that is defined and rests around the jawline, so framing the face.

Bottom Line

There is a wide range of pixie cuts, and because they are adaptable, you are the one who decides how short your pixie cut will be. Pixie cuts may also be customized in other ways. Its length can range anywhere from half an inch to three inches in most cases.

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